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MACTAC'S CHILL AT | All In One Cold Packaging Solution

Posted by Hayden Wier on Sep 12, 2017 2:22:06 PM
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From Mactac


 Don't Let Cold Packaging Get You Heated!

CHILL Out With Abbott Label.

One Product.

When you need versatility, you need CHILL AT from Mactac. CHILL AT is a hot melt adhesive and was designed to stick quickly and stay stuck in any environment it comes across. CHILL AT is designed to adhere from very cold to hot temperatures (-65° to 150°F).

Less Inventory.

CHILL AT is a true all temperature adhesive due to its hot melt rubber technology and performs great in cold temperature applications.  CHILL AT is an ideal all-in-one product to provide a solution for a wide variety of label applications. Using CHILL AT allows you to do more, with less.

Any Application.

While CHILL AT excels in cold food and beverage packaging and other cold temperature applications, it also adheres well in numerous other applications. For example, CHILL AT is an optimal solution for:

  • Cold, damp substrates where condensation occurrs
  • Waxy corrugate
  • Promotional labels
  • Logistic warehousing

Cold Packaging Leads

Cheese Manufacturers

Meat Processing Companies






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